Gender Equality

Women in Food & Agriculture Survey Results

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The challenges associated with the ever-increasing global population have made it more important than ever for the agri-food industry to be able to perform at its full potential. Inclusion and diversity in the workforce are essential to shaping a sustainable future — and yet, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the gender gap in the food and agriculture industries is extensive.

Women in Food and Agriculture: Nikki Putman-Badding

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“Diversity can broaden and deepen an industry," says Ms Putman, and “it’s important to challenge bias and what a leader looks like. Don’t accept stereotyping or bias. Don’t be a bystander – lead by example – be part of the solution to make inclusivity, diversity and equality a priority in your organisation,” she says.

Women in Food and Agriculture: Maria Agovino

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Maria Agovino is Alltech’s European Technical Sales Manager for Ruminants based in Switzerland. She focuses on business, product development and technical support, plus strategic planning. Ahead of the WFA Summit, we asked her to share her thoughts on some of the big issues facing women in the agrifood sector.