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Ramez Naam: Agriculture can be a hero of sustainability

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The world is facing many sustainability challenges, including food insecurity, depleted water resources and natural disasters like increased flooding and wildfires. Additionally, as the middle class continues to grow, we will need to produce 60 to 80 percent more food, including more animal protein, by 2050 — and all with less water and land.Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, Ramez Naam, co-chair of Energy and Environment at Singularity University, believes that the Earth is actually on the path to becoming a Planet of Plenty™ and that agriculture has a critical role to play.

Better barriers: Virtual opportunities in livestock management

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Will the next big innovation in agriculture technology revolutionize one of the oldest fixtures in farming? Imagine if you could use your smartphone to track and control the movement of your herd. What would it mean for the management of soil, nutrition and labor costs? Vence, a startup based in sunny San Diego with roots in New Zealand, says it's breaking down financial barriers by putting up virtual fences.

Powering our planet – Ramez Naam

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I don’t want to dwell on the fact that you are a science fiction writer, but I think that’s kind of cool that science fiction predicts science sometimes, and I wonder if maybe that was an inspiration for you? If, like, some of the things you thought about as a science fiction writer, you are now working to try to make reality?I wish I had that story. Science fiction is amazing and it’s amazingly fun. It does provoke things. My science fiction and my speaking and writing on energy and food are actually pretty distinct, to be honest. But, they both come from the same thing, which is a deep curiosity about the future.