About a Planet of Plenty

Too often, the stories we see on the news convince us that the world is doomed.

Yet people around the planet are doing incredible things, from utilizing new technology like CRISPR in the lab to minimizing animal waste through nutrition on the farm.

There are so many stories to tell, and new ones are being written every day. To create an abundant world of tomorrow, we must first collaborate across industries and geographies. People from all walks of life must discover, test and apply new ideas.

A Planet of Plenty propels us into a new world of possibility, where anyone and everyone can make a positive impact on the planet.

We all have unique journeys, but if we work together, our destination can be the same: a Planet of Plenty in which there is enough nutritious food for all, the world’s resources are responsibly managed for future generations and the environment is safe for people, animals and plants to thrive in harmony.

Discover how YOU can help our pl­­anet flourish.